Thinking of freelancing? Here’s how I’ve survived as a first-time freelancer for the past 6 months, including a Google Sheet link to my personal finances.

Photo by Ian Keefe on Unsplash


In this story, I’ll detail how I’ve survived as a freelancer for the past 6 months.

I’ll also share a Google Sheets link to my personal finances to show how doable and realistic it is to put your skills to work on your own terms.

Specifically, I’ll discuss:

  • Why take…

The tools & techniques I used to win against an entire sales department.

A lone freelancer competes against a professional sales team.
Thanks to my mentors, I won my first stable client by out-bidding a bigger firm.


In this story, I’ll explain how I got started as a freelance software developer.

Throughout, I’ll go over my first experience with freelance platforms, how I found my first client, and some of the accounting tools I…

Decision Analysis simplified for normal people like us — the best life lesson I learned in grad school.

Deciding between taking a job, going to grad school, and starting a business is tough. Decision Analysis helps map tough choices out. author’s own image


In this blogpost, I’m going to introduce the basics of Decision Analysis.

What I’m about to show you has related topics to the fields of data science, systems engineering and artificial intelligence.

But for today, I’ll show you a simple way of using it to make better decisions in your…

Ricky Tan

Engineer turned entrepreneur & freelancer. Using systems thinking & software dev to navigate the business world.

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